AGE: 9 – 15 Years Old


10:00AM – 11:00AM



(1) $299 (ALL Summer long) (20 SESSIONS)

(2) $500 (ALL Summer long) (SIBLINGS ONLY) SAVE $100!

*CASH/CHECK OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE (Please fill out form below and put "CASH/CHECK" in the last comment box)

Checks made out to "Chase Graves" 

Each class will be designed for Boys & Girls of all interest levels. 

·  Proper exercise form

·  Speed & Agility

·  Endurance

·  Posture

·  Core Strength

·  Strength Training


Not only will learn the proper way to exercise, we will have a lot of fun with Summer activities built-in!

To sign up fill out form below and select program to pay.
*Payments are non-refundable

Does the parent have to stay during class?

No, once the legal guardian signs release wavier, their kid will be allowed to train without a parent present. 

If my kid is 8 years old, and is turning 9 in a few months, will they be allowed to sign-up?

Unfortunately, No, members must be between the ages of 9-15 years old to participate in the summer program. 

Will my kid be lifting weights?

Yes, we will be performing exercises that require weights.  All of the trainers coaching are Certified Trainers and will be demonstrating proper lifting techniques and proper form. 

Is the CGFS Summer program sport specific and does my kid need to be in sports to sign-up?

No, every class is designed for all levels of fitness, whether they’re in sports or not.    

*Refund Policy* If for some reason we decide to go on vacation or have to stop attending classes, will parents get a refund?

No, once your kid is signed-up, there will be no refunds given.  (Exception: your kid is medically unable to participate in class without using modifications and provides doctor note) *Your payment confirms that you understand and accept the no refund policy. 

If we have family in town and a cousin in the same age group wants to join for a class, will they be able to participate in a class?

Drop-in rate for the day is $15 (cash/check), please communicate BEFORE bringing them to class.  TEXT CHASE 214-412-9197

Will you take and use group pictures/videos for social media?

Yes, when you sign the waiver this will release CGFS to use images for social media.  IF, you as the parent do not want a picture taken of your kid working out, please communicate with Owner, Chase Graves Directly.