Certified Personal Trainer through ACE, The American Counsel of Exercise
Certified Functional Strength, Level 1&2,  Michael Boyle

Hi, I’m Chase Graves, and I'm obsessed with helping people meet their fitness goals and assisting in transforming lives through the art of fitness. Your body is your most powerful tool and I aspire for everyone to reach their full strength and fitness potential.

I would like to welcome you to CGFS Fitness where bodies are transformed! By making a commitment you WILL achieve your goals and be astounded by your progress.

I have two incredible kids that keep me on my toes!  Langston (oldest) was born with Down Syndrome and is such an incredible joy to our family. Langston pushes himself everyday to grow and doesn't allow anything to stop him.  Ashtyn is the sassy fireball that will encourage you in her own way during a workout. 

I will show you empathy and will be able to relate to almost every situation you may be facing, but I also know that your mind will stop you from getting out of your comfort zone when things get tough.  I will always have your back and will do everything in my power to assist you in your fitness goals.  YOU just have to willing to put in the work.